Rigid Body Dynamics Library
rbdl_mathutils.h File Reference

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namespace  RigidBodyDynamics
namespace  RigidBodyDynamics::Math
 Math types such as vectors and matrices and utility functions.


RBDL_DLLAPI VectorNd VectorFromPtr (unsigned int n, Scalar *ptr)
RBDL_DLLAPI MatrixNd MatrixFromPtr (unsigned int rows, unsigned int cols, Scalar *ptr, bool row_major=true)
RBDL_DLLAPI bool LinSolveGaussElimPivot (MatrixNd A, VectorNd b, VectorNd &x)
 Solves a linear system using gaussian elimination with pivoting. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI void SpatialMatrixSetSubmatrix (SpatialMatrix &dest, unsigned int row, unsigned int col, const Matrix3d &matrix)
RBDL_DLLAPI bool SpatialMatrixCompareEpsilon (const SpatialMatrix &matrix_a, const SpatialMatrix &matrix_b, Scalar epsilon)
RBDL_DLLAPI bool SpatialVectorCompareEpsilon (const SpatialVector &vector_a, const SpatialVector &vector_b, Scalar epsilon)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d parallel_axis (const Matrix3d &inertia, Scalar mass, const Vector3d &com)
 Translates the inertia matrix to a new center. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI SpatialMatrix Xtrans_mat (const Vector3d &displacement)
 Creates a transformation of a linear displacement. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI SpatialMatrix Xrotz_mat (const Scalar &zrot)
 Creates a rotational transformation around the Z-axis. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI SpatialMatrix Xroty_mat (const Scalar &yrot)
 Creates a rotational transformation around the Y-axis. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI SpatialMatrix Xrotx_mat (const Scalar &xrot)
 Creates a rotational transformation around the X-axis. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI SpatialMatrix XtransRotZYXEuler (const Vector3d &displacement, const Vector3d &zyx_euler)
 Creates a spatial transformation for given parameters. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d rotx (const Scalar &xrot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d roty (const Scalar &yrot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d rotz (const Scalar &zrot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d rotxdot (const Scalar &x, const Scalar &xdot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d rotydot (const Scalar &y, const Scalar &ydot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d rotzdot (const Scalar &z, const Scalar &zdot)
RBDL_DLLAPI Vector3d angular_velocity_from_angle_rates (const Vector3d &zyx_angles, const Vector3d &zyx_angle_rates)
RBDL_DLLAPI Vector3d global_angular_velocity_from_rates (const Vector3d &zyx_angles, const Vector3d &zyx_rates)
RBDL_DLLAPI Vector3d angular_acceleration_from_angle_rates (const Vector3d &zyx_angles, const Vector3d &zyx_angle_rates, const Vector3d &zyx_angle_rates_dot)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseFactorizeLTL (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &H)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseMultiplyHx (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &L)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseMultiplyLx (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &L)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseMultiplyLTx (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &L)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseSolveLx (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &L, Math::VectorNd &x)
RBDL_DLLAPI void SparseSolveLTx (Model &model, Math::MatrixNd &L, Math::VectorNd &x)


 LinearSolverUnknown = 0
RBDL_DLLAPI Vector3d Vector3dZero
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d Matrix3dIdentity
RBDL_DLLAPI Matrix3d Matrix3dZero

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LinearSolverUnknown = 0

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